About Me

 Hello! I'm Hanna! I make fun, weird, cute (sometimes creepy) art. I'm going to art school so hopefully one day I will become a real artist. I watch a lot of movies and I especially love musicals and Wes Anderson. I listen to lots of music and I love popcorn. Also I live for rides on escalators, ikea monkey, antiques roadshow and buildings covered in vines. :)

I started this blog to share what I was obsessed at the time and make art about it, but it has turned into a place to show all the art I am making.

Soooo... this summer I am going to really try and make a go of selling my art. I will be going to festivals and farmers markets and opening my very own etsy shop. All very exciting stuff.

If you have any questions/advice please feel free to contact me!

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