Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am eating pancakes.

Well hello

As the title of this blog post suggest I am, indeed, eating pancakes. I made them with my own two hands and that is how i am eating them because I don't have any clean cutlery. I am finally all done school this year so that's a big ol' plus. :) I had my last exam yesterday and now I have five days to pack up my entire room and go home to Thunder Bay. I haven't been drawing that much lately and I feel kind of weird about it. I have been embroidering though, so that's exciting. It is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be and it is all the rage with the kids these days. So far I have done four different embroidery projects or whatever they are called. The first is just a random mix of me testing out stitches and stuff, the second is a tiny cactus, the third says "satsuma, live wasp and nightmares", and the fourth is a face.

This brings me to my obsession as of late. His name is Richard Ayoade and he is hilarious. He is a comedian and the director of the movie Submarine and I love him. He's a comedic genius and possibly just a straight up genius. He is the reason why I embroidered satsuma, live wasp and nightmares. 

In case you were confused by the second picture, no that is not embroidery, it is my bedroom. I just thought the two photos went well together.

That's all I have to say today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Today was kind of a crappy day because I had an art history exam and I felt quite ill for it, but it was also a good day because it was sunny and I didn't have to wear a jacket. If I had to rate it out of ten I would give it a four and three quarters. That's enough of fractions, let move on to art! I just finished my photography class yesterday and in honor of that I am going to show the world what I have taken pictures of (exciting, I know).

Yes, you're right, it is rotten strawberries and an apple core! I'm also going to classify this as an obsession, even if I might call it more of an interest, but I just love fruit photography! I love when a it's completely staged and the colours are all pastel and lovely. That's what my original plan for this assignment was, but then I thought that this was more interesting and also I was hungry so I ate the apple.

I printed these photos onto 13x19 paper and they look really cool actually, but I feel weird hanging them on my wall. I did put up the apple core though. Oh! I also finished my video art project, but that one can't be uploaded because it requires eight screens to play it on (also it's kinda embarrassing). 

Anyways, that's all I have to say in this post.